Ranikhet is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India. It is located in Almora district of Uttrakhand an altitude of 1829 meters (6,132 ft) above sea level. Ranikhet hill station and the cantonment is surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful Himalayan range.

The weather of Ranikhet is very pleasant and cool as it ranges from Max 35.0 C to Min 10.0 C in summers and in winters its between 8.0 C to 2.0 C.

Ranikhet History

Rani Khet means Queen’s Field. It is believed that Rani padmini of kumaon was in love with this hill paradise. So doe her happiness Raja Sudhardev build a palace here and then this place is named Ranikhet which means Queen’s Meadow.

Ranikhet-The Queen’s Meadow

Ranikhet’s forests are full of pine, deodar and oak trees with Indian hare, jackal, mountain goat, leopard cat, porcupine and red fox.

Famous Places at Ranikhet

The famous places to visit in Ranikhet are Army Museum, Jhula Devi temple, Rama Mandir (temple), Chaubatia Gardens.

Army Museum is maintained by Indian Army’s Naga Regiment . This museum is full of weapons and flags of enemies from First world war to till date. In this museum you can also see the uniforms and medals of the brave soldiers.

Jhula Devi Temple is located near Chaubatia nearby Ranikhet. It is believed that the forest near this temple was full of wild animals at a time. These wild animals used to attack villagers. Then the villagers prayed to Goddess Durga for help. Maa Durga came in a Shepherd’s dream and instructed him that where he can find the idol of Maa durga . Then the Shepherd find it and Maa durga’s Temple was built there. Many devotees come here every here to thank Maa Durga for fulfilling their wishes. They thank Maa Durga by offering her bells.The walls of temple are full of bell. This place of full of spiritual silence and peace.

Rama Mandir is situated in the vicinity of Jhula Devi Temple and many students come here to learn Vedas and Vedics. If you are interested in Vedas and ancient mathematics then one should must visit this place.

Chaubatia Gardens is only 10Kms away from Ranikhet. This place is famous for the plantation of chestnuts, peaches and apricots. It is also famous for apple orchards and wide variety of its flora with an enhancting view of snow-clad Himalayan mountains.

Ranikhet is beautiful place to visit between March – June, September – November.

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