Rudranath is one of the Panch kedar Temples of Lord Shiva and it is situated in Garhwal Himalayan range. The temple is located inside the dense forest of Rhododendron and Alpine pastures. The Rudranath Temple is the third temple of Panch Kedar and before this one should visit Kedarnath and Tungnath and after this at third place Rudranath itself and then Madmaheshwar and Kalpeshwar to be visited. The face of Mahadev is worshiped in Rudranath.

Rudranath temple. One can reach at Rudranath temple by trekking 20 kilometers form Sagar Village.
Rudranath temple. One can reach at Rudranath temple by trekking 20 kilometers form Sagar Village.

Rudranath Location

It is situated at an altitude of 2,286mts above sea level in the Chamoli District of Uttrakhand.

History of Rudranath

It is believed that the temple was established by Pandvas, The heroes of Indian epic Mahabharata. It is said that Pandvas came to Himalaya in the search of Lord Shiva so that they can be redeemed of the sins that they had killed their relatives in the war of Mahabharata. As Lord Shiva didn’t wanted to meet them because he was convinced that they had done sin. So he transformed in to a bull and escaped. Then he reappears at the five Kedars of PanchKedar Temples: the arms reappearing in Tunganath, hunch at Kedarnath, the navel and stomach at Madhyamaheswar, the face at Rudranath and the hair and the head in Kalpeshwar.

How to reach Rudranath

Rudranath is considered to be the toughest one Kedar to reach.

Rudranath is 432Kms away from Delhi and after that you have to trek up to 21Kms from the nearby places like Gopeshwar. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant near Dehradun. It is only 250 kilometers away from Dehradun. The trek starts from Sagar Village. Sagar village is 5 kilometer from District headquarter Chamoli (Gopeshwar). from Sagar village you have to do moderate trekking (20Kms approx). The trek to Rudranath is full of tall grass, oak trees and Rhododendron.
The Temple is surrounded by many water tanks, the kunds like Chandra-kund, Surya-kund, Mana-Kund, Tara-kund etc. The famous mountain peaks can be seen from the backdrop of temple are Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti, and Trishul.

So it is a good destination for trekkers as the trek is moderate kind of and full of natural beauty.

The other four Kedar Temples are as follows

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