Kalpeshwar is located in Urgam valley of Himalayan Garhwal region of Uttrakhand, India. It is fifth temple of Panch Kedar. This is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva’s Jatas (hair) are worshiped here in divine form.

Kalpeshwar Temple
Kalpeshwar Temple

Kalpeshwar Location

Kalpeshwar is located in the Urgam Valley at an altitude of 2,200 m (7,217.8 ft) of Himalayan Range which is nearby Urgam Village. On the way from Helang to Kalpeshwar you can see the beautiful Alaknanda and Kalpganga rivers all along the way.

History of Kalpeshwar

In Kalpeshwar Temple Lord Shiva is worshipped in his divine form of Jatas (Hairs). It is believed that in ancient times when Pandvas did Kurukshetra war and killed their relatives and brothers. Then they wanted to get pardoned by Lord Shiva but Lord Shiva didn’t want to meet them as he was convinced that they were dishonest and did a fratricidal sin. So Lord Shiva transformed in to a incognito form of bull. And then reappeared at the five places of Panch Kedars in divine forms. Like this his Jatas (Hair Locks) appeared at Kalpeshwar. Pandvas built a temple at this place to worship Lord Shiva and to please him.

How to reach Kalpeshwar

Kalpeshwar is only 253Kms away from Rishikesh via Rishikesh-Badrinath road. Earlier the trek was from Helang to Kalpeshwar via Urgam Village (10Kms Trek). But as per now a motorable road has been built up to Urgam from Helang. So after that only 2Kms trek remains up to Kalpeshwar. Itis the only temple of Panch Kedar which is accessible throughout the year.

On the trek you can see Boodha Kedar temple, Dhyan Badri temple at Urgam Village and also one of the Sapt Badri temples can be seen. On the trek you can also see apple orchards and terraced fields of potatoes.

The other four Kedar Temples are as follows

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