Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is one of the oldest National Parks in India. It is situated in Nainital District of Uttrakhand. This park named after the name of Edward James “Jim” Corbett who played a major role in its establishment. It was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered species of Bengal Tigers. This park has 488 species of plants and very diverse variety of fauna.

Tiger Jim Corbett
Tiger Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is an eco-tourism destination for tourists. It attracts a lot of tourists and wild lovers every year but a problem arises that it is hard to maintain the ecological balance of this park. Tourists entry is restricted up to certain regions in this park. This park attracts more than 80,000 visitors from India and abroad every year.

Jim Corbett Park stretches over 520.8 square km . This area comprises of marshy depressions, grass lands, large lake, river belts. Jim Corbett Park elevation ranges from 1,302 feet to 4,000 feet. Winter nights are generally cold in Jim Corbett and days are bright sunny. It starts raining in July and up to September Jim Corbett receives heavy rains.

Jim Corbett
Night in Jim Corbett

The climate of Jim Corbett Park ranges from 5 °C (41 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) during the winter. Mornings are normally foggy during winters. In summers temperature doesn’t rise above 40 °C. So overall the temperature remains very pleasant during whole the year. The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is between Mid-November to Mid-June.

Main Zones of Jim Corbett Park

Safari Zones in Jim Corbett National Park are Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhikala. If you are bird watcher, angler or a animal lover then this a place one must visit. You should book a Safari prior to arrival as there are only 60 vehicles are allowed at a time. The cost will be between Rs. 2600 to Rs. 4000 depending upon how many persons are going.

Dhikala Zone is famous for its beauty and enchanting views. This zone comprises of two grasslands Dhikala Chaur and Phulai chaur. As Dhikala is the largest zone in Jim Corbett it catch sight for elephants, hog deer, tigers, chitals and many grassland’s birds. This zone is open from 15th November to 15th June every year.

Jhirna Zone is situated only 16Kms from Ramnagar. This zone is famous for the sight of wild bears which appears before your safari as of sudden. This zone is open for tourists round the year.

Bijrani zone is famous for its diverse variety of flora and fauna as it gives the tourists a picturesque view. Tigers can be viewed in jeep safari over here and for bird watching elephant safari in Bijarni is best. This zone gets open every year from 30th October to 30th June .

So Jim Corbett is great place for animal lovers, bird watchers and off course for nature lovers also.

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